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Luckily for me before I went and did something stupid like give up I talked to my wife about everything. She reminded me how far I’d come, how much work I’d put in, how much I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try and just basically said I could do it. Or at least that if I didn’t do the Sprint that I could definitely do the Try. The TryAthy was a triathlon designed for people doing their first ever triathlon, which in fairness is what I am. It consists of a 400m swim, a 14km bike and 4km run. Most importantly though the 400m swim is all downstream. Which meant that, with a (hopefully) very buoyant wetsuit, that I could almost float the distance. Anyway, the Barrow is only 5 feet deep in some spots so I could probably stand up in it and (hopefully) wouldn’t drown.

With fresh resolve I rang Mark to arrange a session and then rang the physio to book an appointment for the following evening to try and figure out what the pain was at the back of my left knee that had been preventing me running more than twice since the Kildare Half Marathon. With only nine days to go to TriAthy I was just hoping it wouldn’t be something that a couple of hours of intensive massage and rest wouldn’t heal.

To finish the day I went to the pool to put in some time there. It wasn’t pretty, and I was still stopping far, far too often, but eventually I got 400m done.