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I’ve started back training again this week after a complete break last week, just a couple of easy 5k’s to start with, then an interval session (5 x 1km @ 5k pace), with the intention of doing a longish tempo run on Friday and then a long, slow run on Sunday. However, I’ve found myself to be a little sore and stiff, even after the short runs and ended up skipping the longer ones altogether. I never usually get that sore or stiff after a run, not unless I’ve done 20km+ anyway, so this is a bit unusual. I’ve had aches in my left hip and thigh, stiffness in both calves, even a sore foot, and all off piddling mileage and pace.

Presumably this is the after effects of my first ultra, and despite feeling like I could go running a day or two later my body is saying to me “relax, take it slow, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to get back into it”. When I was looking up a short, inverse taper, post ultra training plan a lot of the articles and sites did say that it takes 2 – 4 weeks to recover fully from a marathon, anything longer than that obviously takes proportionally longer again. That’s all fine and dandy, or would be at least if I didn’t have Dublin Marathon to do in a couple of weeks.


Day 15 – Max Power

Posted: January 17, 2012 in January
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By the latter stages of this evening I was almost able to assume an upright position so decided to head out for my first ever VO2 – Max session (I’ll add a link below that will do a far better job of explaining what VO2-Max is and why sessions like this are necessary). As last year was my first time running I never really bothered about speed, it was always just a case of trying to go farther and farther. There comes a point though when your competitive instinct kicks in and firstly you want to beat your own times but also you think it might be nice not finishing towards the back of every field. The only way to get quicker is to introduce some speed work into your sessions, tempo runs, intervals, VO2-Max and so on and it was about time I started.

The session I had planned was as follows – 2km warm up, 6x800m at VO2-Max pace (approximately 4:40mims/km for me) with 5 minutes easy jogging in between, then a 2km cool down. Well the warm up went well anyway, nice and easy, but unfortunately over far too quickly and before I knew it I was hearing horrible little noises from my Garmin indicating that the pain was about to begin. Beep, beep, beep, go, and I set off at what I thought was the right pace but looking at my watch it was still showing ‘Slow Run’ rather than ‘Run’, which was the zone I needed to be in. So I picked up the pace some more until the horrible ‘S’ word disappeared off my screen and then tried to settle into it. After what I though must have been about 600 metres or so I looked at the screen to find to my horror that I’d only done about 240. There must be something wrong with it,maybe the it isn’t picking up the GPS signal so I kept looking at it as I ran only to see it counting down ever so slowly. I couldn’t run like that so dropped my arm and picked up the pace again, willing the end to arrive but it seemed like an age before I heard the beeps again indicating the 5 minutes of jogging was about to start.

When it did I turned around and headed back towards town as I only had a couple of kilometres of lit footpaths to work in. Before I knew it the 5 minutes were up and it was time to up the pace again. I knew what was coming this time though so tried to manage my pace a little better, get it just inside the required zone and hold it there. This time I was determined not to look at my Garmin until I heard the beeps, or at least until the time was surely almost up but sure enough my lungs started to burn, my legs began to get heavy and when I heard the beep and looked at the screen it wasn’t saying time up it was taunting me with the Slow Bloody Run again.

When I finished this interval I was really breathing hard and had barely caught my breath before having to start the third one, so I really should have taken it as easy as possible on the third. However, I had a bit of an audience standing outside the chippers I was passing as most of the soccer team I coach was mooching around there, and I could hardly go mpast them slower than I just had in the opposite direction, so I put the hammer down. The phrase ‘crash and burn’ comes to mind though, as at the 680 metre mark I screeched to a halt, almost collapsing into an adjacent hedge. I desperately, desperately wanted to go home at this point, or at least sit down until the burning nausea that was making it’s way up my throat subsided, but to give up at the half way mark would have been bitching out on a fairly large scale.

Instead I bitched out on a minor scale, doing one more interval, to completion this time, before jogging the 2km home. I didn’t feel too disheartened as (a) this was my first ever interval session and (b) this is week 2 of a 52 week training plan. There’ll be plenty more hard sessions to come.

Boyz Noize – Kontact Me


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