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I’ve a couple of races coming up soon so I suppose I should resurrect this!

Status Update: One year on from Race to Glory 2012 and I’m probably a stone heavier, nowhere near as fit, definitely slower and there’s been an unwelcome, and certainly uncalled for, redistribution of hair from my head to my torso. The only saving grace is that I might, might be a little bit better on the bike than this time last year (or maybe its just that I have a better bike). So far this year I’ve managed one race (as opposed to a half dozen or so at the same stage last year) and have wasted at least a couple of hundred quid on race entries that I haven’t used.

I don’t want to fib or claim that I haven’t trained at all this year, I have, but very sporadically, and with no real structure or enthusiasm. That was right up to about two weeks ago when my enthusiasm and training mojo emerged from a winter hibernation that would embarrass even the most slovenly bear. I still have no real structure in place but I’ve definitely rediscovered my love for self inflicted, training related pain – hill repeats on the bike in the teeming rain, epic cross country slogs that see me cross fields, climb hills, grow multi-layered blisters, hack my way through undergrowth that makes Cambodia look like Kansas and narrowly avoid disembowelling by angry horses – and all the while trying to forget that at the moment I look like a poorly stuffed sausage in my tri gear.

Oh yeah, triathlons. Still trying to do that but still, to quote a Transylvanian chum of mine, still sinking faster than Cuba Gooding’s film career.




Run Fatboy Run

Posted: January 18, 2013 in 2013, January
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Having been told in no uncertain terms by the weighing scales that it was time to get off my arse I set off this morning to do my first run of any decent distance in 2013. A new running group has sprung up in my hometown Run Monasterevin Run, who can be found on Facebook so Brid and I went down to meet them for their regular Sunday run. I’ve been out with the group, usually three or four strong, a couple of times before but this morning there was about ten lycra and neon clad runners all milling about at Super Valu waiting for the off.

I know New Year’s resolutions and all that must have played a part in the size of the group but a large part also has to be the burgeoning popularity of running in Ireland. When I started running first, almost two years ago now, the only other person I’d see out running regularly was Paul Molloy (the guy who started up the group). Now most evenings there’s people out running individually, in pairs, in all sorts of weather too, so it makes sense to get a group together. It’s much safer as a group on these dark, dirty evenings, it’s a great motivator to go out when you’ve already arranged to meet up and you don’t want to let anyone down, plus it’s much easier to run as a group.

The other great thing about it is the social aspect of it. I’m not from Monasterevin originally, I’m only a blow-in, despite being here over ten years now. I did know some people from the town when I moved here, due to my brother and I doing a little carousing over in this direction in our younger years, and most of the other people I know is through coaching my son’s soccer and gaelic football teams for years. That and the fact that Brid’s an incredibly social, community minded person and is on every team and committee going, and therefore I meet people by proxy. If like a lot of people however, you’re not from the area at all and moved here during the housing boom, commute to a job miles away, and have no kids, it can be a bit tricky to meet people so a group like this serves a great social purpose.

So you can meet new people, it’ll help you get fit and healthy, and on top of all that, it’s free. What more could you want?

Anyway, we did 7km as a larger group at a nice, relaxed pace before people began to splinter off, having done enough for them. The smaller group that was left kept going, picking up the pace to about 5:30 mins/km initially, then for the last couple of kilometres kept gradually increasing it to about 4:45mins/km at the end. It felt fanbloodytastic to get out and blow the cobwebs off and get the legs actually working again.

13.77km in 1:21:32


Hello 2013

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85.5* – that was the number staring back at me from the scales. 85.5kg! Jesus H. Christ. This is the heaviest I’ve been in about eighteen months, definitely the heaviest I’ve been since my initial training and weight loss. I knew I’d been piggy over Christmas, who doesn’t indulge over the festive period, but the pigginess combined with the lack of proper training over the last couple of months meant I’d taken “comfy” and “winter insulation” to a whole new level.

Proper training has to recommence. Eating like a pig has to stop. No more late nights which lead to snacking and lack of sleep which leads to tiredness which leads to excuses for not training. I have a 50k to do in less than a month for God’s sake and right now I’m a moustache away from being Paul Blart: Mall Cop.


2013 starts here (just a little bit late).




It was actually 85.9 but that was fully clothed, shoes and all. Come on, you can give me that.