A little bit of information about myself:

I’m a (near) 35 year old man who’s apparently experiencing a mid-life crisis. Before last year I hadn’t done any significant amount of exercise in over ten years but even in my youth when I was playing quite a lot of sports I hated running and would do anything to avoid it. Now every chance I get I’m lacing up my runners and heading out there. Last year I competed in a number of adventure races in addition to completing my first marathon.

This year I’m attempting my first triathlon, a double olympic at TriAthy, on the 2nd of June and to make things a little more interesting, and also prepare me for a possible Ironman in 2013, I’ve decided to run, cycle or swim every day this year.

Or at least try to.


Update Alert!

After a 2013 that saw very little in the way of athletic endeavour – a short adventure race, a duathlon and a truly appalling half marathon – and a new, old physique that was approaching ‘Comfort’ setting rather than ‘Sport’, its definitely time to resurrect this. I’ve been training with something approaching regularity for about six weeks now, I’ve entered a number of races and most importantly, I have some GOALS for 2014:

  1. Hamburg Marathon – 04/05/2014, sub 3:30 I’ve done a number of marathons now, but never gone sub 4 hours. I know it’s all about finishing, getting round, taking part, no such thing as a slow time blah blah blah but truth be told I’m a little ashamed of my marathon times. My quickest (Dublin 2012) was 4:01 but I followed that up a few weeks later with an absolutely atrocious 4:34 in Clonakilty. I need to knock over an hour off that, and over half an hour off my Dublin time.
  2. Run Dublin Marathon in October (2014) considerably quicker than Hamburg. This is predicated on quite a few factors – getting my mileage up to consistently 80 km and over per week, getting my weight down to a respectable level (ideally 75-77kg) and taming my chimp (more on that later).
  3. Dublin Half Marathon (September 2014) – sub 1:40 This will be the anniversary of the aforementioned “truly appalling half”. I’ve only ever ran one half marathon where I was happy with my performance, the one in the Phoenix Park last September was about as far away as possible as it is to be from happy with a performance. This year is to be very, very different


There’s plenty of other races planned, primarily just running though. I’ll probably do a couple of duathlons, and I’ve already signed up to do the 80 km Killarney Adventure race at the start of October thanks to some drunken braggadocio, but really this year I just want to find out how much faster exactly I can get?

You can also follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/try366 or email me at trevorkavanaghis@gmail.com

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