Not so Good Friday Run (St. Michael’s AC 8k, Emo)

Posted: April 24, 2014 in April, Races 2014
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I’d like to start by firstly blaming my wife. Brid went to the pub last night with a couple of cronies and as old age and motherhood has negated what little ability they used to have to drink she had to pick up the slack. As such that meant she was a little later home from the pub than I expected, which in turn meant I drank more of the wine I had opened than originally planned. This of course blunted my performance somewhat.

Secondly I’d like to blame the weather. Bank holidays in Ireland are meant to be miserable affairs, raincoat clad children grumbling at their parents for being forced to endure local festivities or parades, or more commonplace nowadays being forced to stand at the side of roads and cheer on their mother and/or father in some semi-athletic pursuit. This weekend we got blue skies, glorious sunshine and some actual warm weather. Obviously us Irish aren’t meant for running in this heat, though it did give me the chance to try out my (almost) string vest and split-shorts combo ahead of Hamburg. Alas, as I was alone I had no photographers on hand to capture this stunning ensemble but just think mid-eighties Jerry Kiernan, minus the glorious mullet unfortunately.

Thirdly I’d like to blame the conditions underfoot. The majority of the course was covered in a layer of surprisingly spongy gravel which seemed to sap the energy and what little speed I may have.

These were the excuses I was coming up with as I ran the Good Friday Emo 8k, excuses I was cycling through from about the 1 mile mark onwards. Whatever the reasons I just didn’t have the desire in me to push hard and after a decent first mile, which may have been a bit too quick, I got slightly but progressively slower as the race progressed. It was only with about a kilometre to go when one of the marshals Wes Reilly, who to be fair to him knows a thing or two about putting himself through some hurt, shouted at me to pick it up that I started really moving again. With a couple of hundred metres to go I could hear, and almost feel, the breath of someone trying to catch me from behind which kept me moving. Shortly after that I heard the voice of one Bill Devereux, St. Michael’s AC underage coach, Veteran sprinter and father of my Hamburg Marathon brother in arms, shouting encouragement and as if from nowhere I turned it on and sprinted the hundred and fifty or so metres to the line.

I was really disappointed with my run, disgusted almost when Bill came over to talk to me. I mentioned my race at the K-Club the previous Saturday and he pointed out I was probably expecting a bit too much just six days removed from that. When I added that I’d done a twenty miler then on Sunday he just laughed and I realised I was maybe being a bit harsh on myself. I am disappointed that I didn’t push myself harder but apart from that I suppose I should be happy enough with the run. It’s about managing expectations really, getting your head right before you race and not being unrealistic. Plus it’s the first time I’ve ever ran a  five mile race (8k) so if nothing else it’s a PB.

8k in 35:32


Quick edit just to say (whinging aside) it was a cracking race put on by St. Michael’s AC,  and a great turnout.


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