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Posted: April 14, 2014 in 2014, April
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Twenty four days and counting to the Hamburg Marathon, and I am literally counting down the days. Anticipation levels are back to near maximum now after a bit of a wobble last week. I didn’t run Monday of last week as I’d had a tough couple of days on Friday and Monday, and didn’t run Tuesday either as I had pilates. Going into pilates I just felt a bit off, not tired per se, just a little bit weak. I finished the class and went and got a steak, thinking I was maybe down on protein, blood, manliness or maybe some combination of the three.


I went for a run on Wednesday night with Paul and if it wasn’t for the fact that I said I’d meet him I might well have just stayed home as I was still feeling the same. I was five or six kilometres into the run before I started to feel any way normal but even then I never felt good, I was getting round but it just felt like something was lacking. On Friday I met Paul and Mark to do our 20k loop and everything was fine, initially, but at the 15k mark I suddenly felt very tired. At 16 I started to slow a lot and had to tell the other lads to carry on without me and by 18 I was completely shot, like someone had just opened a tap and let all the energy drain right out of me. It was horrible, kind of like the latter stages of a marathon but without the accompanying muscle soreness or tiredness, which confused and worried me a little.


I shuffled home, threw whatever food I could find into me and then just collapsed and pulled a blanket over me for an hour’s snooze. With five weeks to go to Hamburg this was not what I needed and again it worried me slightly. I decided to skip any runs I had planned for the weekend and just took it easy instead, apart from marshalling at Tri-Laois where Brid was tearing round the Laois countryside like a younger, fitter Chrissie Wellington.


Brid at Tri-Laois

Brid at Tri-Laois


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