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Posted: February 26, 2014 in 2014
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I’ve had an up and down couple of weeks of training. After I got over my case of Black Lung I had a good run of four days in a row, including three pre-work runs. I brought Son no. 2 on a couple of those with me, or the first 2k anyway, as it was mid-term and (a) he has a real talent for staying in bed all day and (b) he’d been a little shit in school of late so after exhausting all other avenues we thought maybe exhausting him at the start of the day might be good for him. Anyway, running in general is good for him, or anyone. Starting the day with a run is a fantastic idea for just about anyone – it wakes you up, clears your mind, gets your metabolism kick started, leaves you feeling fresh and full of energy for the rest of the day plus you’re far more inclined to go to bed early the night before if you know you’re getting up to go running.

My run (of runs) came to a crashing halt at the weekend however. I was out on Friday night to see the first ever performance of Dawn of the Dead on the big screen, in Ireland’s best cinema The Lighthouse, with the mighty Goblin playing the score live. Amazing performance and show by the way, easily my highlight of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF). However it was a very late night, and there were quite a few drinks consumed, so the next day I was feeling just a teeny bit seedy, and to top it off I ended up having to work until almost 1am (Saturday night/Sunday morning). That put paid to my intentions of getting up early on Sunday, which meant I had no time (or inclination if I’m being honest) for a long run on Sunday before our family trip back up to Dublin for the surprise film at JDIFF.

Monday, despite the biblical deluge, I got out for a nice steady 13k with Mark, and then last night I had my best run in absolutely ages. My legs had felt a bit stiff all day so went out to get a couple of miles in as a loosener before meeting Mark. Going around I looked at my watch and saw I was doing 5:20/km very comfortably, far quicker than I’d expected. When I met Mark then we maintained that pace for a while, and then sped up a bit. It felt very, very comfortable throughout, though I’m oath to say ‘easy’ and we were chatting the whole way round.

This was a real fillip ahead of Bohermeen half marathon on Sunday. This was exactly the same pace I’d done 10k at the previous Wednesday, 5:13/km, but that felt bloody hard and I was wondering how the hell I was going to get round 21k at anything approaching my target marathon pace (circa 5mins/km). Last night was also the debut outing of my new runners, Nike Flyknit 1+. Apart from a bit of chafing on my right heel they felt great, and more importantly they look hella cool. I think I might stick with the old Pumas for Sunday though.


PS – do not, under any circumstances, go and see the new Michel Gondry film Mood Indigo, it’s absolute tripe.


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