The Week’s End

Posted: January 27, 2014 in 2014
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Having failed to make it out for a midweek jaunt, and staring down the barrel of another week with a pitiful total number of kilometres logged I did what any sensible person would do on getting home from work on Friday night, I went out for a run. I’d planned on getting in my long run on Thursday evening but I had an hour or so where I was inhabited by the spirit of Basil Fawlty and literally everything that could go wrong, did. I got more and more annoyed at my inability to find anything, my Garmin’s inability to hold a charge, the pockets of my top being the wrong size and many, many other crucially important issues so when less than a kilometre into the run my phone fell from it’s precarious perch in my silly sized pocket I packed it in, turned around and flounced home.

Friday night everything was found, charged and ready to go so off I set for twenty four slippery, swampy, mucky but thoroughly enjoyable kilometres along the canal bank, over to Vicarstown and back. I had done this route a couple of weeks ago and found it pretty tough going. I was in the first few days of post-Christmas readjusting to a low carb, high fat diet, and I’d been out the night before for a reasonably quick twelve kilometres, so the pace was glacial, and the last few kilometres a real slog. This time round I was much fresher and my body well on the way to being nicely fat adapted. I left a bottle of my own special sports drink mixture – water, orange juice, maltodextrin, BCAA and sea salt – at the four kilometre mark to pick up on the way back, apart from that I had no food or drink and nothing to carry. I don’t usually listen to anything when I’m running now, but when I do these long night time runs I do like to have something to keep me, usually podcasts and often times Joe Rogan’s, the three hour run time making it the perfect accompaniment. This time round it was Joe talking to John Hackleman, lifetime martial artist, Rocky fan and coach to Chuck Liddell, talking about montages, hardcore training and terrible 80’s action films.

The run itself was great. A really mild night, no one around (funnily enough on a canal bank in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night) and no real issues apart from the large, squishy blister on each foot that I inevitably end up with when I do any more than ten kilometres or so in my Salomons. They may be the most high end, trickest trail running shoe going but they just don’t suit my feet. I put them on and they feel like lovely big multi-coloured cushions but an hour later and they’re squeezing bits of my feet that aren’t meant to be squeezed and leaving me with ganky multi-coloured, multi-layered blisters. Fifteen minutes after my run though I felt like I had the flu – shivering, cold, not able to eat – and not even Jean Claude Van Damme and his amazing performance in Bloodsport could bring a smile to my face so I just shuffled off to bed.

Vicarstown and Back


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