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I’ve a couple of races coming up soon so I suppose I should resurrect this!

Status Update: One year on from Race to Glory 2012 and I’m probably a stone heavier, nowhere near as fit, definitely slower and there’s been an unwelcome, and certainly uncalled for, redistribution of hair from my head to my torso. The only saving grace is that I might, might be a little bit better on the bike than this time last year (or maybe its just that I have a better bike). So far this year I’ve managed one race (as opposed to a half dozen or so at the same stage last year) and have wasted at least a couple of hundred quid on race entries that I haven’t used.

I don’t want to fib or claim that I haven’t trained at all this year, I have, but very sporadically, and with no real structure or enthusiasm. That was right up to about two weeks ago when my enthusiasm and training mojo emerged from a winter hibernation that would embarrass even the most slovenly bear. I still have no real structure in place but I’ve definitely rediscovered my love for self inflicted, training related pain – hill repeats on the bike in the teeming rain, epic cross country slogs that see me cross fields, climb hills, grow multi-layered blisters, hack my way through undergrowth that makes Cambodia look like Kansas and narrowly avoid disembowelling by angry horses – and all the while trying to forget that at the moment I look like a poorly stuffed sausage in my tri gear.

Oh yeah, triathlons. Still trying to do that but still, to quote a Transylvanian chum of mine, still sinking faster than Cuba Gooding’s film career.