Cold, Wet, Dark

Posted: November 25, 2012 in November
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I don’t think it’s just down to the weather at the moment but I’m really struggling for motivation to go out running. I’ve got one more marathon to go this year (Clonakilty, 8th of December) and even that isn’t making me go out and train, in fact I’ve barely run at all since Dublin. I know I can run the distance, so there’s no fear factor, and I’ve no sort of goal or aim for it, so I’ve no driver there either.

On top of that I sold both my road bike and my cyclocross bike a few weeks ago so I can’t even get out for a cycle, either by myself or for the weekend club session with Trilogy.

I think the length of the season is catching up with me – my first race was on the 22nd of January this year – and I’ve really just been going through the motions for the last couple of months. Next year I really need to periodise things a bit better and take some breaks earlier in the year. I also need to be a bit more selective about the races I’m doing and wait until I’m certain that I want to do them before I go signing up for a ton of stuff. At the moment the only thing I’m already signed up for is the Connemara Ultra in April, which I kind of wish I wasn’t signed up for as I really want to concentrate on short course triathlon, but hey, what’s done is done and anyway, it’s going to give me one hell of a base.


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