Day 222 – Cutting Crew

Posted: August 28, 2012 in August
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After tri795 on Sunday Rory, Mark and myself arranged to meet on Thursday evening to go for a cycle up The Cut. None of us had the time to go for the full fat, cycle from Port over there, do The Cut, then cycle version so we arrange to meet in Rosenallis and go from there. I picked Rory up from his new lodgings in Port, strapped his bike to the back of the car along with my own and then set off to meet Mark who was waiting (and waiting) for us over there.

After arriving in Rosenallis we all set about a rigorous warm up regime, i.e. we stood about chatting for a few minutes while getting shoes, helmets etc on. Once we were all mounted up we set off at a very agreeable pace, a nice gentle preamble to the (potential) horrors that lay ahead. After about fifteen minutes of a leisurely cycle through the Laois countryside on what was a beautiful sunny evening we made a left turn onto the narrow road that winds its way up through the Sliabh Blooms, relentlessly climbing for a good 7.5km.

Thanks to the incline the pace wasn’t quite so leisurely any more, there was definitely some sweat being spilled, but it was still an agreeable pace. While none of us said we wanted to go at x km/h or y pace we were moving at a speed that suited all of us, no need for posturing or dick swinging here. Every now and again we’d put in a short burst, just twenty or thirty seconds but enough to get us out of the saddle, get the heart pumping and the legs burning. The time seemed to fly by and soon enough we were almost at the top, though there was time for one last little effort that turned out to be not quite as little as I thought.

After a brief pause to admire the view and provide some nourishment for the local insect population we remounted and turned around for the downward leg. I’ve struggled with steep descents in the past, notably at Gaelforce West last year, but here the road was dry, reasonably open and you could see for a decent stretch ahead, so the three of us just got to relax on the way down –  chin down, arse up, no pedalling, just let gravity do its job and pretend to be your favourite lycra clad leg shaver.

After a glorious 7.5km descent it was back out on to the main road for a stretch before turning off once more to take on a slightly more circuitous return route that would give us one more short but steep climb to tackle. After that it was plain sailing and just a few minutes more until we were back at the cars, legs nicely stretched and a good, hilly 32km under our collective belts.



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