Day 205 – Consistent Underestimation

Posted: August 11, 2012 in July
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The club session on a Monday night is one of my favourites, a long slow run round the trails in Emo Court. Seeing as it’s only out the road from me, and I really need to get some more miles on the bike in, I decided to cycle out there, do the run and then cycle back. Naturally as soon as I decided to cycle the good weather of the last few days disappeared and it started to drizzle rain. By the time I was a kilometre out the road the drizzle had become insistent and while not a heavy downpour it was making for a very ‘soft’ evening.

I’d been on the bike for about fifteen minutes when I realised, once again, that I’d underestimated quite how far I was going. I thought that Emo Court was 9km away, and so I really should have been there by now, but there was still a bit to go. When I pulled up in the car park, 31.5 minutes after leaving home, I checked my Garmin to find I’d just done 14km, not the 9 I initially though. I’m not sure whether it was because I was a few minutes late, or whether it was just that it was a manky evening and no one was there anyway, but there was no sign of anyone else from the club in the car park. There was no point in hanging around, or wasting the cycle out there, so I got on with it and got my run in anyway.

Usually I have other people to follow on the warren of trails all around Emo Court so I generally don’t take a huge amount of notice of which way I’m going. So with only a vague idea of where I was going, and a terrible sense of direction firmly tucked in my back pocket, I set off and tried to keep Emo Court itself in view. Naturally I managed to get a little bit lost but eventually I managed to make my way back to the car park clocking up exactly 7km in 37:45.

I hopped back on my bike then for the homeward leg and right on cue the heavens opened and it started to properly rain. I was feeling pretty tired on the way home but tried to push on as hard as I could. The last few kilometres in particular I found a real struggle but I gritted my teeth and, in the words of my good friend and neighbour Benny, managed to grind it out. To round off a cold, soggy evening I thought it was only appropriate then to treat myself to ten minutes in a nice cold bath.


Bike 1 – 13.87km 31:32

Run – 7km 37:45

Bike 2 – 32:43


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