Day 202 – Return of the Running Dead

Posted: August 11, 2012 in July
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With quite a busy evening ahead – important championship match for Son no. 1, BBBQ after that to celebrate the end of the tag rugby league – I thought I wouldn’t have time to get a run or cycle in. I had about forty minutes to spare though so decided to make the most of what was a rare beautiful evening (anyway, not every run has to be 90 minutes+). I picked out a 5km loop around town and decided to do 1km warm up, then alternate 500m hard (4mins/km) with 500m easy (6mins/km).

It’s funny how 500m can feel like an eternity when you’re pushing hard, but then feel like time is just flying away when you’re trying to make it last. I kept to my targets for each of the splits and rolled in the door a little less than 26 minutes later pretty tired, covered in sweat but feeling absolutely fantastic. I so rarely go out and run ‘hard’, generally doing longer, slower stuff but it felt great to do something short and fast for a change.


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