Day 199 – BMW’s New Ambulance

Posted: July 24, 2012 in July
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To give my legs a bit of a break I was heading over swimming tonight and bringing Son no. 2 with me. Just as I was about to get into the car however I saw Benny’s car crawling around the side of the house with the slumped figure of someone who looked vaguely like our friend and neighbour at the wheel. As he came alongside he rolled down the window and when I asked him what was up he replied that he was heading to Naas Hospital. Now I’m not (really) a doctor, but I could tell that Benny was in no state to be driving a car, so I transferred him from his to mine and sent Son no. 2 back inside.

If the fact that he hadn’t objected to my intervention wasn’t a clear enough sign that all wasn’t right in Benny World then him slumping forward as soon as he got into my car, putting his head in his hands and only moving from this position ever so briefly to turn the radio down, surely was. On arrival at Naas Hospital I pulled up right at A&E and let Benny out so I could get somewhere to park. Judging by the looks on the faces of the two gentlemen enjoying a cigarette right at the entrance as they looked at Benny shambling and shuffling his way inside, and then turned to glare at me, I think they thought they were in one of them Hollywood films like, with your man after dumping this fella on the hospital doorstep. I managed to dump my car across the road and ran back inside to find Benny in almost exactly the same position as before, but just transplanted into a grotty hospital waiting room.

With my phone almost dead, and only some horrible car park gardening program on the tiny tv tottering over the waiting room for ‘amusement’, I tried to make the most of the evening by working on my mental fortitude ahead of Gaelforce and London to Brighton and attempting to zone out completely. I’m not sure how long I managed this for, so I must have been at least partially successful, but some time later a nurse called Benny’s name and he was finally being seen to. After twenty or so minutes I was called in to see the patient, who was lying down in a darkened cubicle, now with just one hand delicately pressed to his temple like a bearded Gloria Swanson. He was being kept in overnight so I left him there in the caring embrace of Naas Hospital’s finest and returned home to my abandoned son.



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