Day 198 – And Relax….

Posted: July 24, 2012 in July
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After my exertions at Race to Glory the plan is for a week’s recovery, then into three weeks hard training for Gaelforce West. Last year, my first attempt at it, I managed to complete it in 6:36. This year I’m aiming to get down to around the 5:30 mark, which is a big chunk of time off last year’s, but an achievable target (I think).

The usual Trilogy training session on a Monday night is an easy paced, 10-12km run around Emo Court, which was perfect for what I wanted to achieve. When I pulled up to the car park at Emo Court there were already a few people there, which made a bit of a change from previous weeks where there had only been one or two others. After a couple of minutes waiting to see if anyone else was coming the six of us that were there set off. The last few times I’d run here we usually stuck to the trails around the grounds, but this time set out on the road that went around the perimeter of the court. The group of six pretty quickly split in two with Rory, Kieran and Andy pushing on ahead, Dave, Trish and myself taking it a little easier behind.

It was a really sticky evening, which made me instantly regret grabbing the first compression top which came to hand – a long sleeved, high necked, Under Armour Cold Gear top. I had a little nippular problem after Race to Glory so made sure to wear a compression top tonight, but in my haste to get out the door after just getting home from work in time, I didn’t pay any heed to which one I was picking up. Within five strides I was sweating like an 80’s jogger wrapped in refuse sacks and legwarmers, and the swarms of bloodthirsty flies out for dinner weren’t helping things. Still, the running itself was nice and comfortable,  and though (quite surprisingly) I didn’t really have any aches, pains or even any stiffness after Race to Glory it was good to preempt it and get the old body moving again. 10km in around 55 minutes.



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