Day 176 – Tramore Once More

Posted: July 9, 2012 in June
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In the first of a new series of specially selected highlights from the last few weeks I’m going to look back at the best cycle I’ve had in months. Before I do that though I should probably explain why I’m departing from my usual day by day posts. Well it’s because I’m a lazy git, who desperately needs order, structure and rules in order to succeed, and since I let my single, principle rule of training every day slide my whole training routine has fallen asunder. I’m basically the Lars von Trier of the triathlon world.

In the last few weeks I’ve still got in some really good training but I’ve followed it up with completely unnecessary ‘rest’ days and despite the fact that I’ve still got plenty of races to do this year I’ve been drifting somewhat aimlessly along. This is a recurring theme with me and usually a couple of months of drifting ends with me just giving up on whatever it is I’ve been doing. This time is different though in that I’ve been doing this training malarkey for far longer than I usually do anything before giving up, and I (think at least) have recognised the signs early enough to stop it happening this time.

Anyway, my lovely cycle in the sunny South East. My wife was heading down to Tramore to visit my ex-landlady Sandra and her occasionally adorable little urchins. Spotting an opportunity to get some training in on some fantastically hilly roads I threw my bike on the back of the car and accompanied her on the trip. We met up with Sandra in Waterford City and after some brief chit-chat I got my lycra on, slathered some cow boob moisturiser on my buttocks and readied myself to hit the road. I had a vague outline of a route in mind but really all I wanted to do was get in at least 60km, with a good portion of that being hilly, and hopefully work my cyclist’s tan another centimetre or so further up my arms and legs.

The first part of the cycle was Waterford to Tramore which was easily the flattest and dullest part of the entire route. Thankfully however the weather was fantastic – sunny but not too hot and with a little bit of a breeze – and meant even this part of the spin wasn’t a chore. Just as I approached Tramore, about 15km in, I turned off for Dunmore East, following the coast road. All the flat and boring cycling appeared to be behind me now as the road instantly ramped upwards but rewarded me with beautiful views on my right hand side. The next 20km or so was a constant series of short, steep climbs and descents on narrow country roads with occasional glimpses of the sea to be caught when I wasn’t wiping the sweat out of my eyes or concentrating on making it around the next sharp bend.

Dunmore East is a beautiful little town right on the coast, which is popular enough at the best of times, but a combination of the good weather and some local festival meant the town was absolutely jammed, and even on the bike I had to crawl through traffic for a few minutes. Once out of town I headed back towards Waterford on a circuitous route, which was like 5km of the coast road stretched out over 20, and which was only livened up by some guy coming in the opposite direction who decided that my presence should be no obstacle to him lurching out on to my side of the road while overtaking in an ever so slightly dangerous fashion.

Once back in Waterford I took a slightly different route back towards Tramore, though thankfully for once I still ended up in my intended destination. Back in Tramore I got to enjoy the delights of those never ending hills for the first time on two wheels, but riding towards Sandra’s house I’d only clocked up 55km, so headed out my old running route to round it up to a nice even 60km. Despite the fact that it was about 6pm at this stage it was hotter than ever, so on my way back into town I stopped at the little shop down the road from Sandra’s and treated myself to a 99. A few minutes later I rolled up to the house having traveled a very enjoyable 61.17km in 2:24, and with at least 1, maybe 1.5cm more of a tan.

Jurassic Park!


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