Day 171 – Nice and Early

Posted: July 2, 2012 in June
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I was in bed before ten last night so I could get up to go for a run this morning, but I still spent ten minutes lying in the drkness listening to the rain battering the roof before I mustered the resolve to drag myself out of bed and get dressed. Shortly after though I was up, hydrated and out the door. By that stage the rain had actually eased off greatly so it was just a gentle drizzle I had to contend with on the way up to the woods.

As usual the 2km up to the woods was my warm up, and once I got there I went through my usual dynamic stretching routine. Unsurprisingly at 5:50am the woods were completely deserted, which is great for me but it always comes as something of a surprise that I never see anyone at all up there at that hour. In my opinion it’s the best time of the day to run and the woods always look (and smell) so fresh and full of life that it always puts me in a fantastic mood. I was feeling considerably more sprightly than I had been even ten minutes previously so I pushed pretty hard for the lap, getting round 3.85km in 18:22.

Once I’d finished it was 2km back home, taking it pretty steady along the way and finished my run in 40:28 for 7.89km total. I was back in the door, with a great run under my belt,  and putting coffee on just as my wife was getting up out of bed.


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