Day 170 – Burgess Meredith

Posted: July 2, 2012 in June
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I managed to acumulate a decent number of miles at the weekend so this evening was just an easy recovery run. Well for me at least. My wife joined me to get in her quick run for the week but a combination of warm weather and slacking off since the Kildare Half Marathon meant the whinging started early. Being the nice, caring husband that I am I agreed that we wouldn’t do a ‘quick’ run and instead just did roughly 6km with two sets of fartleks thrown in. That meant I could do my best Apollo in Rocky III impersonation and throw out constant motivational slogans and soundbites like:



“If you’ve enough energy to complain you’ve enough energy to go faster”

“No honestly, this is the last one”

I’m available for all sorts of personal training, as well as communions, weddings and bar mitzvahs.


References on demand.

Obviously I’m Apollo in this.


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