Day 169 – Part Deux

Posted: June 28, 2012 in June
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After a big pile of scrambled eggs and wholemeal toast it was time to get showered, changed and ready for the Con Carr Fun Cycle. Con Carr was a local cyclist of some renown (and grandfather of current Leinster winger Fionn Carr, fact lovers) and every year there’s a charity cycle in his name to raise funds for the restoration of the CYMS Hall, which just happens to be next door to my house. I’d be doing the cycle regardless, but seeing as though my eternally civic minded wife is on the committee I definitely have to do it. Her civic mindedness however never appears to get in the way of her social life, so she’s gone off to wear some wigs and point at freaks in a hole in the side of a hill in Mayo and I got stuck with registration and collecting money for the cycle.

Luckily for me, but rather unfortunately for the organisers, that’s a two minute job as numbers are low. However, those who have turned up have a beautiful day for a nice cycle round the countryside. Once everyone had set off and my duties were done with I ran back inside, got my cycling gear on and set off in hot pursuit. It wasn’t long before I caught up with son no. 2, who was lollygagging around the back of the field. To be fair to him, his fat tyred, no geared, BMX/MTB hybrid which is getting to small for him isn’t going to win any time trials. Last year I tore past everyone on the cycle and pushed hard for the entire 26km, this year though it had been shortened to 12km due to a lack of marshals, and seeing as I’d already got my workout for the day in I decided to just cruise around with my son and listen to him natter on incessantly. A few kilometres in we were joined by an elderly couple, and so we just cruised through the countryside chatting away to them, enjoying the spin.

This being Ireland the sunshine couldn’t last an entire day, and sure enough a big, black cloud appeared on the horizon. Thankfully though, just like yesterday, we managed to make it back home just as the first drops of rain started spitting. So a really productive day then, a great run in the morning, a good breakfast, a nice relaxed recovery cycle in the afternoon and I got to spend some time with son no. 2 while doing it. I should probably mention here that son no. 1 “won” the cycle, in so far as he was first back. That being said, I attribute at least 87% of that to the fact that he was on my CX bike, which I’d very kindly allowed him to borrow.



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