Days 166 – 168: Slowly, Slowly

Posted: June 26, 2012 in June
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This running tagging people was harder work than I thought, and my legs were stiff as hell on Thursday. In keeping with my new sensible approach I just spent time stretching and foam rolling, while Friday I went swimming with my boys. At the weekend though it was time for some proper training.

There was no club cycle this morning as a lot of people were down in Dunmore East at the Hook or by Crook triathlon. I’d actually entered it myself but there was no way I could fumble through a sea swim like I did the Barrow section of TriAthy so I stayed home. I was undecided as to whether go long on a cycle or run Saturday but Rory contacted me to see whether I’d be interested in doing a brick session, which sounded perfect. The weather had been utterly miserable all week but when I pulled outside Rory’s house at 8am it was reasonably clear so we saddled up and hit the road.

We did an easy 5km or so before turning on to the proposed route for an upcoming duathlon in Portarlington. For the bulk of the 20km that comprised the course we alternated each leading for one km, pushing hard, then easing off for one km. We did that up until the last turn back into Port on the route when a couple of sneaky little hills appeared out of nowhere and that was the end of me leading for any length of time. On the downhill on the other side we both put our heads down and hammered along but there was to be no catching Rory (which I completely attribute to him having tri bars) until we got back to town. We took a nice, easy circuitous route back to his house and were joined along the way for a bit of a chat by a local cyclist.

On arriving back at the house it was straight on with the runners and then back out on to the road. We hadn’t decided on a route or distance before we left but Rory suggested a 5km loop around the outskirts of town which sounded perfect. I don’t think the jelly legs feeling you get when running off the bike will ever go away but you do get used to it, and the more you do it the easier it is to remind yourself that the feeling goes away by about the two km mark. We were moving at a reasonable pace, just about slow enough that we could hold a conversation on the move but quick enough to feel like we were getting something out of the run. The last couple of kilometres we upped the pace to something approaching 5k race pace, at which point conversation, for me anyway, becomes just about impossible.

We finished up having done just under 27.5km on the bike in 1:03:49 and just over 5km on the run in a time of 25:21, and just before it started to lash rain. Any day where you can be up, get a good session done, be home, showered and having breakfast before anyone else is even up is a pretty good one in my book.


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