Day 163 – 165: Dickhead’s Gonna Dick

Posted: June 21, 2012 in June
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I’m still being sensible as I try to ease my way back into full training so after a couple of long(ish) cycles at the weekend I took Monday off completely and then went for a swim yesterday morning. Today I went to play tag rugby with my wife, Benny and a few others over in Portlaoise. For those who don’t know, tag rugby is a non-contact version of the game, played with mixed male and female teams and is generally just played as a bit of fun. Crucial information about the game that someone forgot to pass along to the guys we were playing against.

These idiots, who were all easily old enough to know better I might add, thought that the best way to handle any sort of disagreement was to instantly threaten physical violence, and then follow up those threats with sneaky, underhand tactics like shoulders, stiff-arm tackles etc. That’s really not what we, or most right minded individuals, want from the game, and to tell you the truth it kind of ruined it for most of our team. There’s a league organised which runs for six weeks on Wednesday nights, nights which I could be taking part in IMRA mountain races. We spoke to the organisers afterwards about the nonsense which went on so hopefully this week will be better. If not I’ll just take myself off up the mountains.

The game itself though was a nice change of pace fitness wise. I’m reasonably fit but almost everything I do is long and steady. This was all short, sharp efforts, sprinting and changing direction quickly. I was actually blowing hard after a couple of minutes and wondering where all my fitness went to. Thankfully though I got a second wind pretty quickly and was fine from there on in, and even managed to keep pace with their designated “quick guy”.


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