Days 129 – 132 R&R&R&R

Posted: May 14, 2012 in May
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When I woke up on Tuesday I was the sorest I’d ever been after a race. My feet hurt, my calves hurt, my hamstrings hurt and my quads really hurt. The rest of me just ached a little bit. I hobbled round for most of the day in work (who thought it was a good idea to put the toilets up two flights of stairs) and then that evening did forty five minutes on my turbo trainer.

By wednesday the aches and pains had subsided considerably and I was beginning to walk like a human again. That evening I went for a quick ten miles on my CX and felt something approaching good afterwards.

Thursady I had a physio session booked. I didn’t have any major, or even minor niggles, but with a half marathon only six days after Belfast I thought it might be a good idea to get any bumps or bruises taken care of. I felt remarkably well* heading in there, spry almost, and the physio was very surprised at what decent shape my legs were in. A short while later I was home and heading for the pool.

Friday I would have quite liked to go out for a run, but did the sensible, low impact thing instead and went for a swim again. There’s still plenty of running ahead of me.

*I felt so well in fact that I signed up for a 5k run on Saturday morning. And by morning I mean 4am.


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