Day(zed and Confused)

Posted: May 9, 2012 in May
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This is very much like my various attempts at education. Start off really well, full of vim and vigour and enthusiasm and then slowly fall behind, leaving myself lots to catch up on, but not yet quite enough to catch up on that I start panicking and cram like crazy at the last minute. I’m talking about the blog mostly but also my swimming, or lack thereof.

Anyway, to summarise, training for the Belfast marathon had taken over and dominated to the extent that I was running five days a week, cycling one and swimming one. The six weeks of my training that I had missed with my calf injury had me worried about Belfast so I tried to compensate, and in general I was doing fine. Right up until my last long run. I had a 32 kilometre route to run that was also my last long run before Amsterdam last October. That run had turned into a bit of a nightmare with fading light, failing batteries on Garmin, mp3 player and light, all topped off with a very dodgy stomach which had me jumping over a ditch and becoming one with nature in a way I hadn’t done since a cider fuelled camping incident in my mid-teens.

This time round though things were going to be different. And you know what, they were. Different in so far as my stomach issues happened much earlier in the run, and instead of it getting dark I just had heavy rain to contend with. Still, at least I had plenty of battery in my Garmin and my Clip. So once again I was heading into a marathon with my last long run being a bit of a disaster. This time though I had the added bonus of a bout of gastroentiritis, which seemed to follow on from my stomach issues on the run, which had me missing two days of work, enduring stomach pain the likes of which I’ve honestly never encountered before, and caused me to miss a full weeks training.

Yep. I fell off the wagon. I’m not going to say I failed, because I didn’t fail. I tried my bloody hardest. Even when I came home from work on the monday, when I was shivering and cramping up I got on my bike and tried to train but any time I turned the pedal at anything more than glacial speed I had to slow right down again so I didn’t turn into Linda Blair in The Exorcist. I managed twenty minutes before almost falling off the bike and then stumbling upstairs into bed. It was a couple of days later before I got out of bed for anything other than (frequent) trips to the toilet but for another few days after that if I as much as attempted anything other than just walking my stomach tied itself in a knot and tried to force itself out through my duodenum.

Eventually after a week I could manage a swim, then a gentle jog, then a cycle but I still headed to Belfast last Sunday really unsure as to how I was going to be able to run at any sort of decent pace, never mind for 42.2 kilometres.



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