Day 127 – Nerdgasm

Posted: May 9, 2012 in May
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The weather forecast for this weekend in Belfast had looked ominous – dark, grey, wet and cold, but all weekend at home the sun had been out and so I’d almost forgotten all about it. Even driving up here the sun had been shining and while it hadn’t been warm it was at least dry. However, as Belfast began to draw nearer the weather began to get progressively worse, the sky darkened and some splashes of rain began to appear on the windscreen. We had one or two heavy showers just on the way in to Belfast but as we drove into the city centre the rain thankfully eased off.

We parked up beside City Hall, went in to collect my race pack, and then spent all of three or four minutes checking out the four stands on display at the expo. After a quick exploration of Belfast city centre we located our hotel, checked in before setting about the serious business of finding somewhere to eat that was suitable for (a) a pre-marathon meal (b) fussy kids and (c) that we could get in and out of before going to see The Avengers (I refuse to use that awful other name). Thankfully we found somewhere that (just about) fulfilled all three criteria ,so after disposing of dinner in record time we settled down to watch nigh on three hours of tiny alien specks being swatted out of the sky by wisecracking men in silly costumes (but not before a seemingly never ending special feature trailer for Prometheus, which of course was followed by the actual trailer for Prometheus).

Race Number

I managed to convince myself that it was ok to eat some pick’n’mix in the cinema seeing as it was mostly jellies and jellies are ok when you’re running a marathon. These were sugar coated monster jellies though and halfway through eating them I actually began to get heart palpitations, due I’m sure to a massive spike in my blood-sugar levels, so I pawned some of them off on my wife. After a disappointing evening of nerdery it was back to the hotel for a little bit of Match of the Day and then sleep. A bit of a run to do tomorrow you know.

  1. Slimy says:

    umm jellys

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