Day 99 – Luftballoons

Posted: May 4, 2012 in April
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Despite the sore legs I’d been really looking forward to this run all week. Long slow runs rank just behind long trail runs as my favourite runs. Stick a couple of podcasts and a couple of mixes on my Clip and just head out for two or three hours with no particular target pace in mind. The plan today was to do about 26km, but I don’t have one big loop of that length so I headed up to the woods with the idea of doing as many laps as I needed.

The first few, or eight, kilometres were just about working the knots out of my legs. I often feel like crap for the first few kilometres and only start to loosen up around the eight kilometre mark. Today I felt particularly crap and didn’t loosen up after the eight kilometre mark. Or the ten, or the twelve. What’s going on here? Laps of the woods are usually a piece of piss, especially slow ones like this but today I’m struggling. Just coming towrds the end of my third lap I met my wife running towards me, which was quite a relief as it gave me an excuse to slow right down for a lap or two (and obviously it was great to see her, company, chat, yadda yadda yadda).

Even at wifey pace though my feet, knees and quads were all aching. I’d really underestimated how much my little jaunt up Croagh Patrick had taken out of my legs but I was glad of it. It was a real eye opener and a (not so) gentle reminder of what I’m going to have to get used to if I want to run any proper ultras. That being said, at the end of two laps with her she said she was heading for home and I said I’d follow her. The last kilometre was a real plod but overall it wasn’t such a bad run, despite my moaning. 22.2km, 2:11:59



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