Day 95 – Into the West

Posted: April 21, 2012 in April
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Now this is more like it. When I did Gaelforce last year my wife absolutely fell in love with Westport and wanted to move there immediately. I couldn’t quite stretch to a holiday home there so I got her a few days break there as one of her Christmas presents, and being the lovely lady that she is she deigned to bring me along with her (unlike that holiday to the Canaries a few years ago when she didn’t even invite me along, but I digress). Anyway, despite only being there a few weeks I hadn’t taken a break between finishing my old job and starting my new one so it was nice to get a few days off. With the way Good Friday/Easter Monday fell we actually managed to get nearly a full week off work just taking a couple of days holidays, though we were only in Westport for two nights.

It was later than I’d expected getting down there but I’d really planned on making this as active a break as possible – I’d brought down a couple of bikes and every conceivable combination of gear to suit all conditions and activities. As soon as we checked in to our hotel I got changed and headed out for a quick run before it got dark. There was a little village a few kilometres from the hotel so I headed in that direction and for the first time in a week or so I was running without feeling like total and utter crap. It was three kilometres into the village, or rather the crossroads that bore the name of a village, and when I got there I saw a sign for “Reek View”.

The Reek as it’s known to locals, or Croagh Patrick as it’s known to the rest of the country, is one of the reasons I personally wanted to go to Westport for a few days. When I did Gaelforce last year Croagh Patrick absolutely kicked my arse. I thought that I’d done some training on hills but I’m from Kildare, I have no idea what a bloody hill is and regardless, Croagh Patrick is no bloody hill, it’s a mountain, and last year it just about reduced me to tears. I stopped I don’t know how many times to have a little whimper and a whinge and feel sorry for myself before being saved at the top by the good angel Benny and his two accomplices. I had another go at it in November when I did Sea 2 Summit and this time it was the descent that made bits of me. I stumbled and staggered and was absolutely petrified going down and just never really got going. This year I’m going to get properly acquainted with the big rocky prick before Gaelforce rolls around.

Anyway, I stopped for a second to throw some filthy glances at my craggy old foe before continuing on down the lane I was on for another half kilometre, at which poing it came to an abrupt end. I’d done the 3.5km there in 17:47 but was now finally starting to feel a bit more human so tried to beat that on the way back . Thankfully I had tried to get a wiggle on on the way back as the light faded pretty quickly at that point. I made it back in 16:34 and looked forward to a nice, relaxing evening with no kids, no cooking, and most importantly, no getting up for work in the morning.


I make no excuse for using Metallica two posts in a row as this is frickin’ amazing.


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