Day 90 – Zandalee

Posted: April 21, 2012 in March
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Well that went well. Almost four o’clock this morning going to bed, quite a lot of wine and whiskey consumed, and images of a moustachioed Nicolas Cage desecrating a New Orleans confession box coursing through my dreams, meant I was feeling just a teeny bit tender when I got up this morning. As I’m the only presentable/literate/coherent one of my friends I’ve been asked to do a reading at the wedding, which has given my wife all the excuse she needs to drag us down there early. That means no dilly-dallying around this morning and I have to get my training in early. As my run yesterday didn’t feel particularly good I went out on the bike instead for a quick spin. Twelve kilometres later I was back home, feeling considerably more refreshed and looking forward to getting suited, booted, and probably a little bit tipsy later.


Can’t believe I forgot:

  1. try366 says:

    Your so close but so far away

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