Day 89 – Pre-Wed

Posted: April 21, 2012 in March
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This is the start of a pretty hectic weekend for me. Not training-wise, but socially, which is a bit of a rarity for me. One of my oldest and dearest friends The Duck, or John as he’s known to his mother, is getting married, which is cause for a reunion of my old college friends. There’s a few of us who used to live together, who all still keep in touch and try to meet up a couple of times a year. With expanding families, increasing commitments and the fact that half of the lads live in Germany that can be tricky, but we usually manage at least one weekend away.

We didn’t manage to get together in the autumn/winter like we usually do, but thankfully The Duck couldn’t come up with any more excuses as to why he hadn’t made an honest woman of his better half Mary, thus giving us a proper reason for a get together.

With the lads home there was invariably going to be an amount of boozing done so after welcoming them and briefly catching up I decided to head out for a quick run. When I say quick I actually mean slow, and quite a short one too. I think the exertions of the previous weekend had taken more of a toll than I’d initially thought as my legs felt absolutely leaden, and even worse really tight and knotted. When I went at anything more than a jogging pace I felt definite signs of straining so I just did a few easy kilometres to loosen everything up.

Then went home and hit the booze.


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