Day 88 – The No Cartwheel

Posted: April 10, 2012 in March, Races
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It’s true what they say about the mind being the most powerful muscle/organ/tool you have. Unfortunately for me mine is currently conspiring against me and is determined to scupper any chance I have of doing a triathlon at any stage this year. I had my usual club swimming session tonight, and after figuring out, or so I thought, what was wrong with my solo sessions I had been looking forward to this session. Unfortunately though I seemed to bring my solo form into my group session and right from the off I was struggling. As soon as I started to struggle I began to stop, literally mid-stroke, to try to figure out what I was doing. Then I became conscious of doing just that and started to berate myself for it which really didn’t help.


I’d had a few days of pretty hard training/racing and my legs felt like lead. Between this and me putting the mental mockers on the session really wasn’t going well. I knew Mark (our coach) was looking at me and wondering what was up but he was being polite/trying to spare me by not asking or mentioning it. After a pretty unproductive and frustrating half hour I said to him I was just having a bad day in the office so he suggested a ten minute break and just forgetting about what went before. I took the break but forgetting about what just happened or letting things slide is something I really struggle to do. I’m not as neurotic as I used to be, nor do I beat myself up about things quite as much as I used to, but I’m still definitely prone to analysis paralysis. It’s funny though in how it only seems to affect physical activities. When it comes to any mental activities, like college work, exams, job interviews etc I’m very confident and can breeze through with the minimum of preparation and absolutely no nagging voices or self doubts. Swimming, skiing, cycling, motor biking, and countless other physical activities have been ruined, or at the very least affected, however, by this negative mindset.


I’m torn as to whether I should dig into it more in an effort to understand it (which may just exacerbate the problem) or just try to ignore it. Actually a far more sensible option may be to try and engender a much more positive mindset. That’s definitely the ideal scenario but I just need to figure out the process to get there. I need to have some of what Diego’s having.



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