Day 86 – On the Right Track

Posted: April 9, 2012 in March
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I’d come through both my test duathlon and the real thing yesterday unscathed so there was no reason not to get fully back in to the swing of things and head over to Portlaoise for our club track session. Plus the unseasonably warm weather was continuing so it was a chance to crack the shorts out for an evening session for the first time this year.


There was a smaller than usual number at the track tonight. Knowing this country half the people missing were probably having their fifth or sixth barbecue of the last week, making sure they made the very most of this glorious weather. Most of the people there had done the Lap of Laois cycle the previous day, though there was one other there who’d done the Naas Duathlon. Whether it was because of that, or whether it was what Denise had scheduled anyway, but it was a relatively easy session tonight – 20 minutes or so of easy running, drills and stretching to get warmed up, then a pyramid of 1 minute easy, 45 seconds at roughly 80% effort, 1 minute easy, 1 minute 80%, 1 minute easy, 1:15 80%, 1 minute easy, 1:30 hard then work our way back down. Two steady laps sandwiching another 80% effort lap and then we were done. My first track session without any injury niggles in six weeks, Jurassic Park!



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