Day 85 – The Harley Davidson Prep Point

Posted: April 8, 2012 in March
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One of the things thats really changed in me over the last year is my sleeping habbits. I’d always been much more of a night person, someone who considered 5am late night rather than early morning. During the week I’d rarely, if ever, go to bed before midnight, oftentimes I’d be just sticking on a film then and only hitting the hay around 2am, before getting up as late as was feasibly possible. At the weekends bedtime would generally come even later, usually between 3am and 5am, though that would be extended until around 6am or so if there was a UFC on. Naturally that meant the next day, and in essence the entire weekend, was a write off, but that’s how things have been for at least the last ten or so years.

Now however I’m rarely up beyond midnight, even at the weekends. Saturday and Sunday are days for longer sessions, or races,which generally means getting up early. Our soccer season runs from September to April or May and means I’m busy every Saturday from roughly 10am to 2pm so if I want to get in a good session on a Saturday I need to do it before then. I’ve really grown to love getting up early though, having the house to myself, mooching round, making a nice pot of coffee and just relaxing before everyone else gets up. This morning, even with the clocks going forward, I was up at 7:14, even before my alarms went off. I must have been looking forward to the race more than I thought.

I had a bit of a faff around trying to locate my tyre irons but they had disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle of my boys room so I decided to just stop on the way to the race to buy some. I could have done the race without them, and the spare tubes and multi-tool I always carry. In fact I’m sure most people do. But the first races I ever did were adventure races, and in those you generally have mandatory kit to carry which often includes tubes and tools. For that kind of race it makes sense anyway, as punctures and mechanical failures are a lot more common, and you often find yourself slap bang in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, it can’t do any harm to carry just the essentials. I’m fairly certain the couple of hundred grams of extra weight isn’t going to be the reason I don’t finish in the top ten today.

I got all my gear together, double and triple checking that I had everything I could possibly need, and then went out to practice my transitions. It’s so easy to lose time in transitions with any sort of dithering or indecision, and I’m going to be slow enough as it is, so the more practice I got in the better. I used the same mock transition point out the back of my house and just practiced running in, getting everything on in the right order, cycling out before turning round, coming back in, getting changed again and running back out. After a couple of run throughs it was time to load up the car and hit the old dusty trail.


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