Day 84 – FP1

Posted: April 8, 2012 in March

Having got the all clear from my physio yesterday I decided that I’d do the duathlon. The 60km cycle would probably have made more sense from a training point of view, but it was a beautiful weekend and it’d been far too long since I’d raced.

With that decision made I thought it’d be a good idea, for a couple of reasons, to do a mini-duathlon myself. Firstly to see how my legs would hold out at something approaching race pace, and secondly, and just as importantly, to remind my legs what it felt like to run off the bike. The infamous jelly legs is something that everyone who’s ever taken part in an adventure race, duathlon or triathlon is familiar with. That first kilometre after getting off the bike where your legs appear to be controlled by someone hiding behind a curtain somewhere and you feel you’re moving forward only in the very vaguest sense. In order to reacquaint myself with that feeling I set myself a course of a 2km run, 16km cycle, 2km run, then set up my Garmin and even made myself a little transition area out the back of my house.

The first kilometre of the course I ran with my wife who was off on her LSR (and who by the way returned later after a very impressive 18km) before turning around for my second kilometre, and (trying at least) to pick up the pace all the way back to transition. After a passable transition I was out on the bike and off on a nice 16km loop, mostly flat with just three hills. I was trying to push hard on the bike, but finding it a little tougher than I’d expected actually. All my sessions on the turbo trainer meant I was, or am, reasonably aerobically fit, but the changes in gradient, minor and all as they were, differing road surfaces and some wind were causing different muscles to do work that they weren’t accustomed to and they were grumbling a bit. About 10km into the ride though my legs started to loosen up a bit  and I could think about getting a bit of a move on.

I finished the 16km in 35 minutes and managed a much better transition second time round before heading out on my second run. As expected my legs felt like crap on the run, for the first kilometre at least, but as always I was surprised to see that my actual pace was a lot quicker than it felt. If you were to ask me I’d say it felt like I was running at around marathon pace (6:15/km) when in fact I was doing around 10k pace (4:45/km). I finished my trial run more tired than I’d expected to be but happy that no twinges or niggles, pulls or strains had made their presence felt and now I could look forward to tomorrow.


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