Day 68 – Pain (the Good Kind)

Posted: March 21, 2012 in March
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In a rare moment of sensible and clear thinking I’d made an appointment with the physio for tonight but all day long I’d been petrified at the though that she was going to tell me my calf was torn, meaning no running for the best part of two months. I’d actually even considered going to the physio but not telling her the full extent of the injury, which is about as stupid as you can get. What could I possibly hope to achieve from doing that? Trick her into thinking I was less injured than I actually was? Anyway, I showed up for my appointment, dropped my pants and told the physio to do her worst.

The physio (Caroline) was a little bit surprised by my glum demeanour, as, and I quote, “everything had been going so well”. So I explained to her how stupid I’d been, and after some gentle chastising she told me that for being so silly she wasn’t going to have any mercy on me. When I replied that she could be as nasty as she wanted to be, seeing as physio, much like getting a tattoo was good pain, her face absolutely lit up. She went to work on my calf with gusto, and although her initial outburst of “Jesus Christ” on first contact with my afflicted area seemed to confirm my worst fears she soon allayed them as it turned out there was no tear, just an almighty knot. After twenty minutes or so of manual manipulation she cracked out the Guantanamo Bay Electroliser to work on my calf while she attacked my other leg. Forty five minutes later I was walking out of there with a smile a mile wide and some very tingly, but relaxed legs.

I got home soon after and treated myself to a nice, non-torturous session on the turbo trainer (where I was keeping an eye/ear/feel/everything out for any sort twinge or wobble from my leg).



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