Day 64 – I Feel Like Taking the Long Way Home

Posted: March 20, 2012 in March
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The club session scheduled for today was a 5km (bike) time trial and seeing as I’d had no negative reaction from my calf all week I decided yesterday that I was going to give it a shot. When I got up this morning and saw what a perfect morning it was I started to get a little excited, and was really looking forward to getting out on my bike for the first time with other people from the club. The more I thought about it really was a perfect morning. In fact almost too perfect….

Too perfect to waste on a 5km cycle when I could go out for a run instead. Nice and crisp and clear, sun shining but nipple bristlingly cold and early enough that there’d be hardly anyone out on the roads. I was going out for a run Godammit. I got my gear on, grabbed my little Sansa Clip, stuck on some Mondo Movie and headed out the door. Because I was being really smart and sensible I decided not to head off on a twenty or thirty kilometre loop, instead I thought I’d just do my four kilometre loop around the town a few times, that way if something did go awry then I wouldn’t be stuck miles from anywhere and hobbling home like a refugee from Dawson’s House of Shame.

Four or so kilometres in and thoughts of hobbling were far from my mind. I was two films into the Mondo Movie Cheapo Italian Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Retrospective and I was feeling good, running further, better and stronger than I had in some time, so I kept going. I started to think then about ten, twelve, fifteen kilometres, maybe taking a turn off the main road and heading towards bandit country. Nothing too hectic mind, nothing off road or at any pace but just keeping run….

Ah shit. It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s just a little tight. It’s still good. Just stretch and slow down, stretch and slow down. But carry on obviously. It was just because we were going up a bit of a slope, that’s all. See now I’ve stretched and slowed down it’s fine again.

So after what was definitely just a minor tightening episode, I carried on. I should probably forget about doing any big distance this morning. I’ll finish off my run, call it a day around the ten kilometre, put my feet up, ice, relax, stretch and ….

Ow, ow, ow, fuck. That’s really tight now. Really, really quiet tight. Thankfully I know exactly what I’m doing so there’s nothing to worry about. Just stretch it out. That’s it, just streeeeeeetch it out. Hmmm. That’s not really working this time. Maybe a little more stretching? Yes, that’s feeling much better now. If by much I mean marginally. And maybe just in my imagination. Actually, that’s what gnarly ultra runner types do isn’t it? Imagine it better. Ignore the pain. No, not ignore the pain, embrace the pain. That’s what I’ll do, embrace the pain and carry on. And so I carry on, arms full of lovely, cuddly pain, visualising myself in a similar scenario in late September with twenty miles still to go to Brighton, stubbornly refusing to give up, steadfastly  carrying on right to the bitter end when my delusions of grandeur, my dreams of embattled glory are rudely interrupted by something in my left calf snapping like a guitar string.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I really am an almighty moron.



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