Day 63 – Doubling Up

Posted: March 14, 2012 in March
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Now this is more like it. I arranged a one to one session with Mark (swim coach) today for just before the club beginners session. It actually ended up being a one to two session as he had another guy scheduled as well but seeing as the other guy was at roughly the same stage I was it was no problem at all.

We just worked on the very basics throughout the session – kick and glide, taking a breath, managing one or two strokes after it. Slow progress but definitely some progress.

The rest of the beginners group came in for the session after that and although I was only approximating what they were doing on their drills it’s still getting some work done, enabling some sort of muscle memory, even if my technique is still pretty terrible/non-existent. All told it was two and a half hours spent in the pool that were probably more constructive than the previous twenty I’d spent. I still haven’t made that breakthrough yet, where this whole swimming thing clicks, but at least I’m not driving home in tears and locking myself in a darkened room just listening to Tindersticks and Tom Waits all night.



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