Day 60 – Mrs Bagwell’s Baby Boy

Posted: March 12, 2012 in February
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Well that was better. I had a one on one session arranged with Mark (our swim coach) for this evening, though it actually turned in to a two on the other guy in the session was of comparable ability to me so it really didn’t matter. We spent an hour going through the very basics before the rest of the beginners from the club came in for that session, so in total I spent over two hours in the pool this evening. Although progress is still excruciatingly slow I at least found something I was half decent at – kick off and glide – and I may have finally found out the reason I’m a rubbish swimmer. According to Mark it’s because I’m too muscular and I’d float better if I was fat.


I may be paraphrasing slightly here but it’s not stopping me from repeating it to all and sundry.



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