Day 57 – Me and Tommy Lee

Posted: March 8, 2012 in February
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Seeing as my calf was still giving me some trouble I decided to play it safe and not race the trail half marathon in Kerry I was supposed to this weekend. That meant I was (relatively) free today so I volunteered to act as marshall for my triathlon club’s test duathlon. The duathlon was taking place on The Heath, which is roughly fifteen kilometres away, so by cycling there and back I could even get some training in myself.


What had started out as a miserable morning brightened up considerably as I was cycling over, and by the time I got there it was a beautiful morning. Still a bit windy but bright and nicely crisp, almost perfect conditions for racing. Seventeen people from the club lined up to race, ranging from national level atheletes to people attempting their very first race. The set up was surprisingly professional for a club race, we had plenty of marshalls, bike racks and even a timing transponder with a watch for each competitor paired with it. We even managed to get the whole thing started just about the time it was due to start.


This was my first time meeting a lot of people from the club and seeing them in action some of them were seriously impressive. It’s really encouraging seeing how good some of them are though, as I know that I’m getting a lot of the same coaching that they are. Obviously there’s different ability levels and some of them are it it for some time now, but it shows you that the guys up the top at the various races I’ve been to aren’t super human, they’re just regular guys from clubs like mine that are dedicated enough to put the time and work in.


Naturally as soon as the racing started the sun disappeared completely and meant it was pretty chilly standing around out there. Thankfully though everything moved along quite quickly and we were finished within a couple of hours so I hopped on my bike and set off for home. I was initially pretty disappointed about not racing this weekend, either in the trail half or this duathlon, but you have to take the positives from the situation. I still got to train, I managed to help out the club as well as meeting some more of the members and I got a look at what sort of effort is required to get closer to the guys who’d normally have collected their medals and been halfway home by the time I finished my race.


  1. bgddyjim says:

    Ah, the good old days when Vince Neal didn’t look like Ron Jeremy. Oh how I miss them, I was 19 when that album came out. I’ve seen them several times in concert – definitely top five favorite bands. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    Glad to read you’re still getting your rides in too.

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