Day 56 – Bricking It

Posted: March 5, 2012 in February
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Still buzzing from yesterday’s phone call from Alison in McLoughlins I set out on my bike this morning to spend some time on the area where I’m probably weakest – climbing. That’s more than a little tricky as I live slap bang in the middle of the part of the country which is famous for just how flat it is. You make do with what you have though so I headed for the one small hill near by to do some repeats on it.

After a couple of kilomteres warm up I got to the hill, which while not very high at least gave me roughly one kilometre of a steady climb. The session consisted of ascending the hill at a steady pace, in the same gear for all of it, before a quick descent on the other side and then going straight back up. I did six climbs before heading for home but seeing as I still had some time before our soccer match I decided to make the most of it and turn it in to a brick session.

Apart from a very gentle four kilometres with my wife I’ve done very, very little running since I pulled my calf so I was very mindful of it and took it really easy. I was pleasantly surprised to feel no ill effects, in fact to feel nothing at all, from my calf but I left it at three kilometres (in sixteen minutes) and called it a day then. Once the match finished three quarters of us went on a family outing to Bray where both Brid and I got analysed and fitted for new runners in Amphibian King (Saucony Powergrid’s for her, Brooks Glycerine for me, top notch service all round as usual).

There was no chance Brid was going to let us get away with being anywhere within the vicinity of the sea without going for a walk on the beach, so the next couple of hours were spent on the cobbles of Bray beach and then taking a walk up Bray head. There was only one way you could really top off a day like that so off we went into the city centre to spend ninety minutes watching a Norwegian film about curling.



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