Day 53 – Absolute Beginners

Posted: February 29, 2012 in February
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I’d been looking forward to this session all week, though still with a tiny amount of trepidation. At last a chance to properly kick off my swim training and start to make some progress. There were five or six people at the session, including the guy who’d been in the beginner’s lane at last Thursday’s club session (though I think he may be there just to show off as he’s really quite good). Mark got straight into it and had us doing lengths of the pool working on a different aspect of our stroke on each one, even breaking the pull, push and so on into smaller parts.

Even this however was too advanced for me so I spent the session trying to emulate what the rest of the group were doing, all the while holding desperately on to a float, clinging to it like a rejected would be lothario does his last shred of dignity by telling all and sundry that he never fancied her anyway. We finished the session and Mark suggested I come to next week’s an hour or so early to get some one on one time in with him so as to start catching up. Needless to say I couldn’t agree quick enough.




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