Day 50 – Moody Blues

Posted: February 28, 2012 in February
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I had a pretty shitty start to the day today. Our soccer team has really struggled of late, both in our matches and also in getting numbers at training. It’s a vicious circle of course in that the less people that go training the worse we perform in our matches leading to people not wanting to go training or to the matches and so on and so on. This morning it came to a head and we ended up forfeiting the match and possibly pulling our team out of the league. It’s incredibly disappointing for those who put in the effort week in and week out but if the numbers aren’t there there’s not a whole lot else we can do. It’s just a shame that people would rather give up than put in the work required to get better.

I spent most of the morning making phone calls to various people about this, letting them know the match was off, trying to figure out what to do and so on, and by the time I was through I was thoroughly fed up. Ordinarily in this situation I would have gone out for a run as there’s nothing that lifts my spirits and lets me forget about any of my woes like a good run, but my calf was in no state to let me do that. Dwelling on that just made things worse, and I couldn’t face the thoughts of another frustrating pool session, so although I probably shouldn’t I hopped on my CX bike and went out for a quick blast.

I came back some time later completely refreshed, in an altogether better mood, and amazed as always at the ability of something as simple as going out for a cycle or a run to completely change your mood and your mindset.



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