Day 47 – Break It Down to Build It Up

Posted: February 27, 2012 in February
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This calf pull isn’t going to heal itself so tonight I went to get some physio. My sister had recommended someone that she’d used with success in the past so I’d made an appointment, and though I’d never used this particular physio in the past I had a real sense of deja vu – “you’ve got slightly flat arches, you’re legs are all very tight, your muscle just went pop at the weakest point”. It was eerily similar to  my physio visit when I tore the same muscle last year. At least this time round I caught it before it actually tore.

She did say to me however that if I were to run my scheduled race on the 25th there’d be a very good chance of me tearing the muscle, which would mean two months out. I didn’t definitely  pull out, but decided to wait and see how treatment went. However, at this point in time it’s looking very unlikely.

I was feeling considerably better after physio so had a short session on the bike when I went home, partially just to stretch the legs and get the muscles moving, but mostly just to keep my 100% record going.


  1. AndrewGills says:

    Sounds painful! And frustrating! Especially when you are just told what you already know and you just can’t fix those things because they are what you were born with.

    I hope your calf gets better. And I grok your frustration – I have a toe injury that isn’t healing.

    • try366 says:

      Cheers Andrew. I actually just had another setback with it during club time trials on Monday night when I thought it was definitely better. No point getting too down about it though, just use it as a chance to work on my swim and cycle.

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