Day 43 – Paths to Glory

Posted: February 23, 2012 in February
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You know what? I really don’t feel so bad today. Certainly nowhere near as bad as I thought I was going to anyway (probably due to me having sufficient willpower to stop myself as I was walking up to the counter in Burger King at three o’clock this morning*). Rather than slobbing about on the couch all day I decided to make the most of the failing light and the lovely crisp air and get out on my cyclocross bike so I got geared up, got some Diplo on my Sansa Clip and headed out.

I set off along the canal path, up and over the bridge and spent another twenty minutes or so working my way back up the far side of the canal rattling the teeth out of myself over what looked like for all the world like sharp cobble stones. I came back on to the road then and decided as there was still some light left in the evening to head for the woods. After a lap around there I turned around for home but decided as I got closer to stay out a little longer and head for the canal again. Even though the CX is harder work than a road bike it’s a lot more fun and encourages you, or me at least, to keep going and pushing harder, searching out paths and lanes and side roads to have a little excursion down. Combine that with two hours worth of Diplo essential mixing and you’ve got a brilliant workout, even on a day where you’re feeling not quite 100%.



*admittedly I was after having a Big Mac meal and a Fillet’o’fish not five minutes beforehand but I still thank that’s showing commendable restraint.


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