Day 39 – Out of the Blue

Posted: February 20, 2012 in February
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I’ll admit I’ve been very lax with my blogging of late, in part because I’ve been very busy, but also because of what happened this night (I’m speaking to you from the future here, much like my literary idol A.G. Partridge slipping between tenses and moments in time).  I think it best if I get this out of the way and then maybe rattle through the boring few days that come after it.

Wednesday night. Tramore. Lovely hilly Tramore. I know I say it every week but I love this run. Tonight was slightly different as I was switching my long slow run to tonight so I could get in my run with the club on Saturday morning and the cycle with them on Sunday. Long slow run meant 20km (or just over three laps of my usual route) at about 6:30 mins/km, so I was looking at about two and a half hours of running.  This was perfect as I had a Joe Rogan podcast with Eddie Bravo, but more importantly Joey Diaz, ready to go that was just over two and a half hours. Unfortunately I didn’t have it on my Sansa Clip, which is what I usually use. Instead I had to use the iPod which the utterly fantastic Sean Burke gave to me to use when I put the new stereo in my car, and while it’s perfectly suited to that, for anything else it’s a practically silent piece of shit and reminded me why I always hated iPods in the first place. Despite having the volume turned all the way up, and a pretty damn good set of earphones plunged about four inches into my ear canal, I could still barely hear a thing. Politically correct secret volume policing bullshit bastard thing.

Anyway, keeping your pace nice and slow (and within the range it’s supposed to be) when you’re doing your slow run is just as important as keeping your pace up when you’re doing your quicker runs, so despite it feeling a bit too slow at times I was keeping disciplined and taking it very steady. One lap in, just over forty minutes, right on track and all was well. The big horrible hill which used to kill me is getting easier and easier every week and is now barely making a difference to my my pace or, more importantly, my breathing.

Lap two started and I felt much the same as I did on the first. The wind had even died down a bit so now I could hear bits and pieces of the podcast without running with my hands cupped over my ears. Down by the seafront again and it was probably the nicest conditions for running that I’d encountered on my weekly jaunt along it, no wind or rain or nose freezing cold as there had been the following week, just the occasional spray from the waves crashing against the sea wall. I made my way past the holiday homes and caravan park before starting the gradual climb up to the roundabouts that signalled the start of the real climb. Once again the hill was dismissed without a whole lot of fuss and I had only about another kilometre of relatively flat ground to go when out of nowhere I felt my left calf drastically tighten up. I slowed over the next couple of strides but this felt cramp tight, like someone had clamped a vice around my calf, so I stopped and tried to stretch it out.I tried a couple of different stretches but it showed no sign of loosening up so I ran through the whole gamut of calf stretches I know but to no avail. Stretch, walk, different stretch, another couple of steps, different stretch again but still no joy. Please not this again.

Around April of last year a similar thing happened to me when I was running home from the woods, though that time I was attempting to get a bit of a move on. This time I was taking it really easy. What worried me was the fact that when this happened last year I was out for close to two months. I went to a physio hoping that I could just have a session or two and run the Kildare half marathon which I’d been training for but he soon disabused me of that notion. No, I hadn’t pulled my calf, I had  torn my calf, and in fact had a nice hole in it , and I was going to need a number of sessions of excruciatingly painful physio and then some painstaking rehab before I could even begin to think about running properly again. This was all I could think about as I trudged back to Sandra’s house. Two months out. Two months of no training. Two months of no racing. Two months behind schedule. Why had this happened now? Why had it happened again? I’d been stretching, I’d been taking it easy in training, I’d been taking it especially easy tonight and in general I’d been building up my mileage gradually so what had gone wrong?

I arrived back to Sandra’s and walked in looking like someone had stolen Dibbley*. I felt so utterly despondent that not even a sandwich helped. I think if I had a Bebo account right now I’d be posting FML.

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)



This is Dibbley by the way.

  1. try366 says:

    Dibbley older now do

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