Day 35 – Not That Kind of Emo

Posted: February 13, 2012 in February
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We had no soccer match this morning so rather than go out for a long run on my own I thought I’d use the opportunity to go for a group run with the club as they had a session planned round Emo Court, which is only about ten minutes from me. There was a group of about ten or twelve there but I only recognised a couple as all my previous sessions with the group had been in the dark. It was an absolutely filthy morning, wet, windy and grey, but it had cleared up quite a bit by the time we had started running.

We set off at a decent pace, roughly 5 minutes/km, and I thought that we were going to stick at that for the duration but then I heard someone say “two minutes at 85% effort then two minutes recovery”, then the voice counted down from ten to one and off we went. As usual I set off far too quickly and found myself looking at my watch thirty seconds in trying to will the time away but just about managed to keep it going for the two minutes. Thankfully everyone else felt the same as me so on the second set the pace was a lot more sedate. We were still putting in a good shift though, working hard and the gloves and hat were off by the third rep.

One of my main aims for the year, and of the drivers behind me joining the club, was to get quicker so in every session I do with the club I’m trying to get the most out of it and push hard on every rep to stay with the top group. We did eight reps in total, then had a couple of kilometres relatively easy jog back to where we started to bring us up to ten kilometres in total.

It was a really good session, great conditions for running and a great location too, all on the kind of forest roads and tracks that I love. I would have loved to stick around for coffee afterwards with the guys from the club but there was a pot of coffee and a massive pile of eggs waiting at home for me, so it was straight home for that and then a day of Six Nations rugby, football and UFC to look forward to.


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