Day 34 – Swimming Just to Stand Still

Posted: February 9, 2012 in February
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When you run, no matter how slow or unfit you are, after a while you get better at it, you get fitter and faster. Even if your running technique makes you look like you work in the Ministry of Silly Walks you’ll still get better. Cycling is pretty much the same. Swimming however is a whole different kettle of fish and I’m really not sure I’m any better than I was two or three weeks ago.

I went over for another session with Stevie tonight and we started not exactly from scratch, but not much further on. We tried a number of different drills but every single one fell apart at the point where I had to breathe. I’m fine when my head is submerged and pointed straight down but as soon as I rotate to the side I get water down the back of my throat, which means I’m spluttering when I come up for air and trying to rid myself of water when I should be getting air in.

To try and negate this Stevie got me a nose clip a try, and though it meant that all my breathing then had to be done through my mouth no water was getting in. Success! Of sorts. We did a few more drills before Stevie had to go but at least now I could work by myself without having to stop every three strokes.


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