Day 32 – T Time

Posted: February 8, 2012 in February
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Wednesday means Tramore Time and my second favourite run of the week. The plan was to do two laps of my usual route at easy pace and for once I stuck to it, in terms of distance at least. I was actually having to work a little bit to keep my pace down to ‘easy’, which is really encouraging. The first lap was very relaxed, keeping a nice rhythm and even on the really steep uphill sections I was maintaining my speed. I remember the first time I ran up this particular hill was the first week back in work in January and it nearly bloody killed me. Tonight I could keep my breathing nice and steady and my pace didn’t drop below 6 mins/km. That’s in part due to improved fitness but also my amended technique when running uphill. I’m shortening my stride, increasing my cadence and just keeping my legs turning over quick and easy. I do feel a little bit silly and I’m sure I look like one of the Golden Girls out for a jog but it definitely works.

On lap two I increased the pace a bit, partially to push myself but also in order to keep warm. It was absolutely freezing out there, the wind across my face when running along the seafront felt like icy sandpaper and my nose by this stage was numb. Seeing as I have no winter beard or even a neck buff with me I was ocassionally cupping my hands in front of my face and recirculating my lovely warm breath over my face. Cold and all as it was though I wouldn’t have minded staying out a bit longer but I need to stick to my schedule. Back to my lodgings, get some food into me and then sleep before getting up for Crossfit in the morning.



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