Day 30 – Stars of Track and Field

Posted: February 6, 2012 in January
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Monday so that means track session with the club. I was kind of hoping it might be some more hill repeats but it was an actual track session tonight. A few easy laps were followed by a pretty technical warm up where we worked on different techniques, steps and muscles. Next up was three laps – an easy one in under two minutes, one in under 1:30 and then a third easy one in under two minutes. Having no clue how to pace myself I set off after the guy in front who, as it turned out, was apparently part greyhound. He disappeared into the darkness and I was left to run alone. I was wondering why there was no one else ahead of me but didn’t want to be looking around in case anyone construed it as me being cocky or competitive.

I should have known something was up when I was up at the top of the field and sure enough when we started our ‘quick’ lap everyone came flying past. Ten seconds in I realised what was up and that everyone on the easy lap had been doing just that, taking it easy, unlike muggins here who ended up running the two laps at virtually the same pace. I learned my lesson though and on our second set of three I ran the first lap at the same relaxed pace as everyone else.

In between the two sets we did two different sets of skill and strength drills, working on technique and the movements to fatigue and strengthen specific muscles. Not as aerobically taxing a workout as the hill repeats of the week before but one that made you think about what you were doing at the same time as physically testing you.



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