Day 29 – A Close Escape

Posted: February 4, 2012 in January
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It’s been so far so good in my attempts to train or race every day, but today was definitely the closest I’ve come to missing a day. I had a late night last night watching UFC, so another day of getting up at six to go for an early run or cycle wasn’t an option. I couldn’t get over to Portlaoise either for my club cycle as we had a friend of my youngest son’s staying over and I was on child minding duties. I had a college assignment (over)due so spent most of the day at the computer, and before I knew it it was six in the evening.

I had put a joint of pork on early this morning as I was making pulled pork for dinner, and invited Benny in from next door to partake of it, but what started off as some civilised snacking soon turned into a filthy, debauched pork and bread orgy. We had sandwich after sandwich, experimenting with toppings and embellishments, gorging ourselves on the tasty piggy goodness, but somehow it wasn’t enough and Benny was off to the shop for three different kinds of dessert. By the time Top Gear was over I must have put on about four kilos, unlike Benny who’s one of those sickening creatures who have to eat constantly to maintain weight. He trundled back into his own house leaving me looking like a considerably less bouffant Adam Richman and feeling  even worse.

It was at that point that I remembered I hadn’t really done any exercise today. Sure I’d cycled to the shop but regardless of what Brid tried to say that just wouldn’t count. It was almost ten o’clock before the churning of my stomach stopped but I knew there was no way I’d be able to run, so turbo trainer it was. I had to drag myself across the room to it and the first ten minutes or so were terrible. Every time one of my legs came up near my stomach it compressed the contents and then pushed it back up my intestinal tract. I tried desperately to keep my movements smooth and controlled, avoiding any unnecessary bouncing and slowly but surely everything settled down and I got into my rhythm, even managing to put in a few sprints toward the end.

When I climbed off I was as relieved, and probably as happy, as if I’d just completed a race. The easy thing to do tonight would definitely have been to say that my trip down to the shop counted as my cycle for today, and maybe embellish the distance I’d done, but if I do that once what’s to stop me doing it again. I’d only be fooling myself anyway. I’m doing this for a reason, in fact I’m doing this for lots of reasons, none of which involve lying about how much I’ve done just to make myself look or feel better. There’s going to be lots of days when it’s legitimately hard to get some training done, days when I’m tired, aching, maybe sick, maybe injured, and if I start taking shortcuts now just because I’ve stuffed my face with pork sandwiches and hobnobs I’ve got absolutely no chance of getting through it then.


Faith No More – War Pigs


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