Day 23 – Trilogy

Posted: January 26, 2012 in January
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Despite me loving the solitary nature of running, and having notions about being a kind of a quicker moving, less self-strangling David Carradine – you know, just roaming the earth, running from place to place, getting in to adventures – in order for me to get any quicker I really need to train with some people who are quicker than me (which to be fair is just about anyone that runs regularly). As I could also definitely do with some help in the areas of swimming and cycling I thought that possibly the best thing to do would be to see if I could find a group or a club that trains in all three of the disciplines, and luckily enough there happens to be these things called ‘triathlon clubs’ which do just that.

So, on the recommendation of (Swimming) Stevie, I headed over to Portlaoise tonight to meet up with their triathlon club – Trilogy. I’d made initial contact with the person looking after new members, Trish, and could tell by her mail that she had some reservations about a newcomer to the sport attempting the Double Olympic as their first. On meeting her tonight though she couldn’t be any friendlier and so we set off after the main group, heading out to where our session for the night was to take place. Along the way I explained my rationale (such as it is) and detailed my (to my mind quite limited) experience in running and racing, and realising then I wasn’t starting quite from scratch I think she was a bit more assured that I wasn’t mental and/or spoofing.

When we got to the destination, which was a pretty deserted ring road heading towards an industrial road or estate, our coach Denise explained the session as follows:

90 seconds to get to the top of a big bridge, which was about 250 metres of a steady incline. If we got to the top before the 90 seconds were up, jog on the spot, pressing against the wall, then 120 seconds to jog back down before going again.

Repeat to exhaustion.

I went with the quick/fit group so as to gauge myself and found, much to my delight, that I could stick with them. My time spent plodding around the undulating roads of Tramore was obviously standing me in good stead as even on the fifth and sixth repeats I was maintaining my pace all the way to the top and finishing strong.

After seven repeats we changed it up slightly with two increasingly dastardly, non-stop efforts, the last of which I missed the cut-off time for by about four seconds. I was still delighted with how it had gone though and was in a great mood chatting to a couple of the guys on the way back.

After a little bit of core work and stretching that was it. First session with my new club done and I went home a very happy and contented man, with visions of a yellow robed, wardrobe bothering, Grasshopper slowly fading from my mind, being replaced with memories of large numbers of lycra clad loons hammering up and down bridges around dark industrial roads, and ideas about mini-pelotons roaming the Midlands’ roads.




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