Day 18 – Like the Wind

Posted: January 22, 2012 in January
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I got new runners! As usual when I arrived down to Tramore this morning I realised I’d forgotten something, this time it was my runners of all things. Thankfully though I’d brought some One For All vouchers that I got at Christmas so after work I popped into Alfie Hales in Waterford to buy some new ones. I had a list of five or six different pairs that I was interested in, all lightweight affairs suited to road races of 5k upwards, but unfortunately they had none of the ones I wanted. The shop assistant suggested a couple of different pairs of Asics which I wasn’t initially too keen on due to me never really getting on with the Kayanos I have, but in the end my desire to spend money outweighed my misgivings and I went with the DS Racers.

Shortly after I was lacing them up and heading out for a nice easy run to break them in, but whether it was all down to the runners or whether I was just feeling particularly good I found myself absolutely flying. Compared to my other runners it felt like I was wearing almost nothing on my feet and it took no effort at all to lift them, especially up hills. They seemed to give an extra little spring to my step too and I ended up  running a 6.6km loop in 32mins. Not hugely quick for some but for me it definitely was, particularly as it’s a very hilly loop, and on the flat sections I was managing to run at my VO2-Max/Interval pace reasonably comfortably for concerted periods. Even on the steepest sections I was managing 6mins/km pace so I was delighted with the run.

Unfortunately though that’s it for the Racers for a little bit as they’ll be kept for races and speed sessions only. Doesn’t stop me from looking adoringly at them and taking photos though.

primal scream – war pigs (chemical bros remix)


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